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          1. About us

            About Us

            CSAN(TianJin) FOG Nozzle INC is a high-tech enterprise integrating r&d, production and sales. Specialized is engaged in the spiral nozzles, blowing nozzle and conical nozzle, water mist nozzle, the nozzle, spray cooling, spray dusting and other kinds of nozzle, spray gun, spray system research and development and production, strong technical force, advanced production technology, detection means complete, strict management system, product quality is stable and reliable. Products are widely used in the fields of desulphurization, dusting, spraying, cleaning, cooling, humidification, cooling, sterilization, lubrication, fire-fighting, spraying irrigation, etc., such as environmental protection, metallurgy, chemical industry, electronics, textile, consumer, pharmaceutical, food, municipal and other fields.

            The company has advanced automatic CNC lathe and precise particle size testing instrument. The customer can select engineering polypropylene, ceramics, alloy, import 303SS, 304SS, 316SS and other materials to make nozzles and spray guns according to the actual usage environment.

            CSAN(TianJin) FOG Nozzle INC Has set up a large number of r&d forces and engineers to design efficient products that can reduce environmental pollution, save energy and meet increasingly stringent safety requirements. Adhere to the principle of "customer first" to provide high quality service to our customers.
            CSAN(TianJin) FOG Nozzle INC is a leading Technology company in the nozzle and its accessories industry. For many years, sanfeng technology co., LTD. Has been committed to helping to solve various industrial applications, focusing on accurate spraying control in various industrial applications.

            Our goal is to solve the user's complex spray and spray problem through our technological innovation, high quality precision spray and spray control technology. Our application engineers can help customers with various spray systems or device selection, function definitions and problem handling. These technical experts will bring great economic benefits to your production process.

            We will provide a special turnkey project to address the precise spray problem that has a greater impact on user productivity. Thus, the production process and manufacturing process can be improved continuously.
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            address:No.16 central avenue, airport development zone, TianJin
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