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          1. Air Atomizing Nozzles
            Atomizing low pressure fog nozzle viewed:24
          2. introduction

            Design features of air atomizing nozzle:

            1. Air atomizing nozzle can generate fine droplets by mixing air and liquid uniformly. The droplets can be smaller and bigger by adjusting air pressure. 

            2. The flow rate of adjustable air atomizing nozzle can be changed to meet your requirements with same air and liquid pressure. 

            3. The spray pattern can be choosed according to your requirements by changing air cap. 

            Product Name
            Atomizing low pressure fog nozzle
            Work pressure
            Thread size
            1/8", 1/4"
            Spray pattern
            Flat fan and round

            Adjustable, durable, fine mist
            Humidifying,colling,dust cotrol,air disinfection and sterillization,etc

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