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          1. Air Atomizing Nozzles
            Spraying system Air Atomizing Nozzle for coating viewed:22
          2. introduction
            Design feature

            The automatic fine atomizing nozzle provides independent control of liquid atomizing gas and fan gas pressure for fine adjustment of flow rate, droplet size, spray distribution and coverage. The scientific and rational design makes the nozzle ideal for spraying against viscous liquids.

            Individual gas atomization lines can be adjusted to vary the atomized droplet size without affecting the liquid flow rate. The liquid is recirculated using an additional inlet/outlet passage which effectively maintains the flow of viscous liquid. Driving the built-in nozzle clear needle valve device eliminates blockage of the nozzle.
            The automatic fine atomizing nozzle can use any of seven different spray devices. The flow rates provided range from 2.8 liters per hour to 179 liters per hour. The atomizing gas, fan gas and liquid flow rate can be adjusted in a matter of seconds. And then adjust. Therefore, the settings can be changed to suit a variety of different spray applications. When selected, the timing controller can achieve an automatic "on/off" operation of 180 cycles per minute. The cylinder operation requires at least 2.4 bar of air pressure.

            General application



              Viscous liquid jet

              Recirculation system

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