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          1. Full Cone Nozzles
            Scrubber Tower spraying 304 full cone nozzle viewed:20
          2. introduction
            1. Ultimate clog- resistant design weth largest free passage for full cone spray pattern
            2. S-shaped internal vanes allow free passage of easy handling dirty lumpy liquids particles
            3. High energy efficiency,high reliability spray performance under the most difficult conditions
            4. Male,female and Flanged connection
            5. Provide kinds of materials PVC/SS/PTFE/PVDF

            ●Application area:Quick cooling of high temperature flue gas
            flue gas washing
            flue gas dust removal
            wet desulphurization
            fire protection or extinguishment
            leaching tower
            coke quenching
            washing and bleaching
            chemical tower spraying
            cooling water and fraction tower spraying

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