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          1. Nozzle Attachment
            Swivel Joint Adjustable viewed:106
          2. introduction

            ● Design Features:
            Adjustable swivel joint facilitites aligment of spray nozzles
            Leak-proof design
            Standard material are brass and stainless steel
            Greater control of spray direction for precise coverage
            ● Products information :

            1) 36275 Adjustable connect of cleaning nozzle  can adjust all of nozzles of the installation position and jet
            2) Adjustable angle is 45 degree
            3) 36275 Adjustable connect of cleaning nozzle has a precision processing surface, to ensure that the seal
            to prevent leakage
            4)Maxmum working pressure is 21bar
            5)The thread size is 1/8'' , 1/4'', 3/8'' 1/2'' 3/4''

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