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          1. Air Atomizing Nozzles
            Automatic Air Atomizing Nozzles viewed:139
          2. introduction

            ●This automatic air atomizing nozzle has an inner air drive chamber which can control the on-off switch, the circulation ups to 180 times per minute, every operation of this swicth only cuts-off the liquid from the sprayer itself, the liquid in spray nozzle can still be transfered by siphon,gravity or pressure. The lowest pressure requires 2 bar.
            ●All the nozzle parts are fine manufactured according to strictly quality standard to ensure it a smoothly working and longer life.This nozzle can be made of nickel plated brass or stainless steel. Each piece of it contains a SS needle valve, a SS liquid cap and a SS spring.
            This nozzle is available for  2 models: 1/4 DJ ( liquid connection: 1/4",  air connection: 1/4 or 1/8".         1/8 DJ (liquid connection: 1/8", air connection: 1/8").

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