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          1. Misting Nozzles
            Hydraulic Fine Atomizing Nozzles viewed:184
          2. introduction
            ●The AAZ series fine misting nozzles can provide extremely fine droplets by using the liquid pressure, it has a hollow cone spraying pattern that with good misting effect.
            M series nozzle is mainly composed of a 1/4” NPT /BSPT (male) threaded connector and a dismantling insert which makes it convenient  to clean or replace.
            N&NN series nozzle is mainly composed of a nozzle base, body, insert, cyclone core and a cyclone core base.
            LN&LNN series nozzle contains filter inside.
            N-W and NN-W series nozzle is the same structure with N&NN series, but it’s wide angle inserted and contains filter inside.
            All the inserts and cyclone cores are made of stainless steel.


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