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          1. Flat Fan Nozzles
            Standard Flat Fan Spray Nozzle viewed:149
          2. introduction
            ● Features
            High impact.
            Medium size particle size. 
            Produces an eye shaped spray patten.
            Hexagon body for easy installation, and distortion resistance.
            Spray patterns: Flat fan.
            Spray angles: 65°, 80°, 90°
            Recommended working pressure: 3.0kg/cm2
            Flowrate tolerance:± 5%
            Angle tolerance:± 5%
            ● Apply for
            PCB Wet Processing
            Display Panel Wet Processing
            High Pressure Cleaning
            Dust And Powder Washing
            Solution Dispersion
            Gravel Washing | Gas Washing
            General Humidifying | Steel Cooling

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